Hallelujah Honey

Hallelujah Honey

More History

Hallelujah Honey is a belief that His people should have a connection with His creation. With %100 support from fellow church members, family and friends, the founder of Hallelujah Honey began rescuing bees in 2009. After learning the basics in the Southern California Bee Removal industry, Christopher Carlberg found that live removals were not only an option, but a more sustainable method overall. 

In conjunction with other beekeepers, www.beerescue.org was formed. This would serve as a hub for connecting hundreds of people with beekeepers in their local area who are willing to remove their bees alive in a safe method for their family, household or workplace. As it turns out, these bees do play a substantial role in the production of the food we all eat everyday.

As bees pollinate the flowers of fruit bushes, trees and plant-life, the nectar they recover is used to make a sweet tasting product we all know and love called honey. Only a creative touch could have invented such an elaborate method of food production involving so many species including humankind. Here at Hallelujah Honey, we thank The Lord for honey!

It is our continuing mission to bring His creation to His people in its most natural, pure form available.