Hallelujah Honey


Growing, pollinating, and harvesting honey requires advanced knowledge of agricultural and natural elements. With Hallelujah's hands-on training, we team up with beekeepers to share advanced methods needed to harvest a pure barrel of honey.


Hallelujah Honey’s team members have trained with some of the best beekeepers in the country in order to find the most natural methods to bring an unheated, pure product to your doorstep with NO ADDITIVES.


We are looking forward to hearing how our honey tastes to you!


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Better Beekeeping Practices


Our goal is to use gentle techniques in caring for our honeybees. Since the bees are our responsibility, learn about our healthy alternatives to the commercial industry. 




Harvesting Honey

Want to learn more about how our honey is processed in a natural way to eliminate harmful additives or byproducts? Hallelujah Honey offers presentations to show you why our product should be in your kitchen.




We have relationships with local beekeepers, growers and distributors who demonstrate our same core values as stewards focused on bee health and  sustainable farming practices around California.



About Hallelujah Honey

Providing His people with one of His miraculous creations.